Thursday, May 9, 2013

My very first "Hate" mail...

... yea sure it was just a comment and not very hate like.  

But still, finally, I get some negative feedback.

Sorry but this was a serious thing that happened in Boston and you are mocking it. Ass

Not very long, no death threats... ok, its more like a mild rebuke but at least they signed it.

Stock photo of Mr. or Mrs.\Miss. Ass.

So apparently Mr. or Mrs.\Miss. Ass, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. 

So, I will say it SLOWLY and use small words.
I was not mocking those who were injured or killed.
I was mocking the state and police officials who said it was  
"too dangerous" for anyone to leave your home; unless you work at a dunkin donuts.

I was also mocking the state and police officials who decided that the 4th amendment did not apply to a whole town. Whose bumbling efforts did not effect the capture of the person they were looking for. Only when they the state and police officials decided to call off their search did the homeowner find him.

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