Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Fisking of stupid...

So, Weer'd did a post "Images of the Antis: Government" with a few pictures.

The first one he did a great job of dismantling the flawed logic.

It's the second one that I'm going give a little going over...

Here is the offending image:

Notice the size difference between the left side (gov) vs. the right side (armed citizens).

The items on the gov are larger with more of them, denoting strength or power. While the items on the citizen side are smaller and fewer, implying weakness or a lack power.

That was intentional.

Now the unintentional, have you noticed anything odd about some of the items on the gov side? 

Weer'd has already pointed out the SVD.

No? Well the image quality is kind of bad.

How about these:

If you can ID anything I missed or misidentified , please do in the comments

It's just a complete mix of countries, eras, and imaginary things.

But, to someone with a starting point of complete ignorance; all military stuff is the same, right?

 These are some of the source images they used to make that poster.

Notice the "kit bashing" of taking the turrets from one and a stack from another

Yep its from a video game.


  1. the sub looks like an Ohio to me, but I'm hardly an expert.

  2. That sub's not a Boomer - it's an attack boat of some sort. Too short to be a boomer, no raised deck for Sherwood Forest.

    It looks almost like a Trafalgar class boat. But not quite. Could be a Photoshop compliation of multiple classes.